At Share the Light we strive to provide and maintain scholarship funds for students, allowing them to change their futures by opening new doors and giving them the tools to fulfil their life aspirations.

We’ve arranged for the visiting advocates to meet our scholarship students and hear first hand their individual stories and how much they value the opportunity to receive an education.

One of these students is Fostina, enjoy the start of her story. Tomorrow we’ll share the rest and the wonderful interview made by a returning advocate.

Fostina, came to the City of Joy aged 16 in 2015.  She attended St Patrick’s School just outside Mazabuka and was a very hard working and committed student.  She had to walk an hour to school and back every day but never complained.

She left the City of Joy in 2016 with good grades but her family had no money to further her education so she moved to Nakambala Parish to live with her grandmother.

Many of the Share the Light advocates met Fostina when they visited and she got in contact to ask for help.  With our support she started a nursing course in Lusaka and we’re delighted to say will soon be entering into her final year.

If you would like to help our young advocates support young people in Mazabuka, please take time to look round the rest of our website.