Three years ago, a group of volunteers became trustees of Share the Light and registered it as a UK based charity to help move the project, that had previously been managed by staff at Salesian College Farnborough, into a more robust and stable position capable of supporting the important work undertaken for the foreseeable future.

The aspiration of the trustees was to create a well-structured, organised body capable of providing long-term aid to the young people supported by the Share the Light Project. That job is now largely complete with the work put in by the advocates, trustees and the immense amount of effort put in by the Charity Chair, Cathy Wheatley, who almost single handedly steered the ship to the position it is now in.
As the three year tenures of the trustees comes to the end, it is now time to pass the reins of control back to the Salesian College Farnborough team knowing that they now have the tools, knowledge and ability to enable Share the Light to go from strength to strength in the future.

For those of you wishing to donate, please continue to do so by sending payments to Salesian College Farnborough, 119 Reading Rd, Farnborough GU14 6PA, identifying it is to be allocated to the Share the Light Project.

If you have any questions please email